SAINT PHNX’s “Deadmen"  Video Is a Journey Through Light & Dark [PREMIERE]

Photo Credit: Cameron Brisbane

Scottish band SAINT PHNX has just unveiled their new video for "Deadmen." The song is part of a two-single bundle representing a light and dark contrast – "Deadmen" personifies light and the second single, "Death Of Me," portrays darkness.

Reminiscent of Imagine Dragons and Bastille, "Deadmen" features classic guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums paired with energetic, compelling vocals singing of hope and determination. The video begins with a picturesque mountaintop and a wounded astronaut. As the video continues you see her as she makes way on her journey despite the pain, letting nothing stand in her way. Eventually she meets a tribesman who heals her of injury, only to discover that the entire narrative was a fantasy.

The band describes it best, sharing, 

"The concept of the record is the story of a journey (to the mountains/your inner self), where the destination is based on the good and bad decisions you make along the way. The good decisions take you to the top of the mountain, surrounded by astronauts and the bad decisions take you to the caves underneath where the skulls meet. To reflect this, the record is split into light and dark tracks.“

The Glaswegian band, comprised of brothers Stevie and Al Jukes, are no strangers to success. They've reached over 20 million streams on Spotify and supported Imagine Dragons on their UK tour. They've also performed at many major festivals including a coveted spot at Reading and Leeds. 

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