SAKIMA’s “Apps” Is a Bop Aimed Against Disillusionment and Political Apathy


SAKIMA may very well be the embodiment of a pop star for a new generation. Through a glowing fusion of R&B, pop, and electronica, the rising London sensation is bringing a refreshing and much-needed LGBTQ+ narrative to the world of music. "Apps," the artist's latest, continues on this noted trend, while delving deeper into what love and intimacy looks like in the 21st century.

"Apps" is a dark bop that is a whole lot more treat than trick. Produced by EASYFUN and featuring Robokid, “Apps” sees SAKIMA moving through a constant barrage of ominous club-ready production, all while tackling societal issues.This is a pop song with substance, exploring the way in which apps that were meant to connect us breed distrust and shallow relationships. Specifically, the main target of SAKIMA's lyrical onslaught is dating apps, including a reference to the popular bisexual and gay dating app Grindr. Robokid digs further into this growing frustration during his verse, delivering a standout line, "Running around glued to your phone cause you're trying to get your dick sucked."

It is easy to view "Apps" as solely a pointed attack on dating apps, but doing so would be doing SAKIMA a grave injustice. The real issue on trial here is disillusionment, a sense of disillusionment which seeps out into all aspects of life. For SAKIMA, the real issue here aren't the actual apps, but how they spur on a thought process that there is always something or someone better out there; it's only one swipe away. This sentiment is carried over in the ending lines of "Apps" where SAKIMA objects against political apathy singing, "If you want to dip on politics, don't mean it don't matter." So, remember three things in the years to come: the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the screen, get out there and vote, and SAKIMA is a rising pop star you need to be watching.

Listen to "Apps" below: