San Holo and Bipolar Sunshine Bring “brighter days” to the Music World


It's funny – for many, Labor Day Weekend signals summer's last days, but Dutch producer, singer, and songwriter San Holo has just released a song that encapsulates the essence of the season. "brighter days," released under San Holo's own record label bitbird and the third single from the producer's forthcoming debut album, enlists Manchester vocal talent Bipolar Sunshine for an effervescent fusion of electronic and pop that will likely still be on repeat come summer 2019.

Typical to any piece of music San Holo releases, "brighter days" escapes simple classification. The unrelenting optimism and joy of a pop hit underlie the entire track, but subtle production and recording details make it more than just an exquisite piece of pop music. Incorporating the undulating swells, breaks, and vocal chops that make electronic music such a worldwide phenomenon, San Holo puts all of himself into this shimmering production. Then there's the string section, from the cascading violins to the California-evoking guitar strumming, that gives "brighter days" an undying sense of warmth.

On the underlying meaning of "brighter days," San Holo shared,

"Even though things sometimes don't work out between people, life goes on and 'brighter days' will come. While at the same time, we sometimes still wonder if that other person thinks about the past experiences you shared."


The vibrancy of "brighter days" would largely not exist to the same effect without the vocal stylings of Bipolar Sunshine. There is a raw sense of tenderness that comes through every sung lyric that almost seem to envelop the listener in a figurative blanket. It's little to no wonder why Bipolar Sunshine is quickly becoming a much sought out featured vocalist and artist in his own right.

On creating "brighter days" with Bipolar Sunshine, San Holo shared,

"The first time I met Bipolar Sunshine we had a studio set up in the kitchen of an Airbnb. He came to our place and we started writing on the couch and outside, wherever, got some coffee…it felt very natural writing songs with him, we were very much on the same wavelength regarding lyrics. I’ve always loved the song he did for DJ Snake, 'Middle.' I really love his songwriting and his voice, I love the fact that his voice is not so perfect, and it’s got some rough edges. You can authentically hear that in the recording as well, the verses are not perfect, it’s not perfectly polished, but it sounds very unique and very much like him."

Therein lies much of the beauty of "brighter days." It may not be perfect in the literal sense of the word, but its authenticity and warmth certainly make it feel that way.

Listen to "brighter days" below and keep an eye out for San Holo's forthcoming album1:

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