Sasha Sloan Continues Her Trend of Melancholic Bangers With “Faking It”


Our favorite self-proclaimed sad girl and critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Sasha Sloan has graced us with, yet another melancholic bop, poised to leave you grooving through your tears. "Faking It," released Sept. 27, is her second single since the release of her debut EP Sad Girl. "Faking It" follows Sloan's gorgeously personal pop-ballad, “The Only,” both singles will be featured on the rising star's upcoming EP, which is set for release in November.

Sloan has captured the ears and hearts of her fans with her emotively honest approach to pop music. In a genre that can often skew towards fabricated, bubblegum feels, Sloan avoids this trend by expressing the difficult thoughts and feelings we all hold in the darker corners of our minds. Yet the genius behind Sloan is arguably not just the relatable feelings she coveys but her seamless ability to pair these difficult emotions with palatable, catchy pop melodies, giving her tracks a distinctly special element. "Faking It" is certainly no exception.  

The narrative of "Faking It" is implicit in the title, as Sloan muses over a relationship that has become one-sided and a slew of situations in which she is "way too good" at just that. In the pre-chorus, she sings, "I know I should leave, but I can't / It's like I'm standing at the bottom of a hole with a shovel in my hand," a chilling image that conveys the feeling of being trapped in a relationship by your own doing. The integrity of the lyrics, ironically enough hence the title, is paired with Sloan's signature indie pop-flair, including a punchy, electro-influenced rhythmic section, ambient chord changes, and Sloan's beautifully gentle vocal tone.  

Listen to "Faking It" below and be sure to see the sad girl queen live in a city near you!  

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