Sasha Sloan Is “The Only” Artist That Can Make Us Feel Lonely in a Crowd


Our favorite sad girl, Sasha Sloan, has returned with an absolutely haunting new track and music video. The Los Angeles - based rising artist first found her start writing songs for the likes of artists such as Dua Lipa and Camilla Cabello, but as her latest track "The Only" showcases, it's her beguiling emotive pop that is making her name known far and wide.

Opening on a close-up shot of Sloan sitting alone in an empty pool and her striking vocals, the portrait painted is one of unrelenting honesty. Not ashamed or afraid to bear her heart on her sleeve, "The Only" tells a tale of profound loneliness in its truest form. As Sloan ventures through scenic yet vacant backdrops of illuminated motels, parking lots, and city streets, there is one constant that remains - a feeling of overarching loneliness. You cannot be alone in a crowd, but you can be lonely in a crowd. It's a sentiment that "The Only" so beautifully demonstrates. 

As the darkness of night gives way or Sloan finds herself amidst a bout of alcohol-fueled revelry, the sense of loneliness pervades in her subtle facial expressions and heart-wrenching lyrics. It's a different kind of pop song for the summer. "The Only" does not rely on tried themes of carefree sun-soaked fun but embraces the melancholic reality of loneliness. Sometimes even amongst the liveliest of parties or the brightest of days, you still may find yourself feeling lonely. It's a truth that Sloan speaks to in the form of a spellbinding song, and in doing so, provides a space for that truth to feel okay. 

Watch the video for "The Only" below, and catch Sasha Sloan on tour this fall, including two just announced Los Angeles and New York dates.