Sasha Sloan’s “Chasing Parties” Is a Love Song For Those Tired of Getting Wasted at 2am


It's no secret that we here at Ones To Watch are fans of melancholic pop darling Sasha Sloan, having praised her recently released singles "Faking It" and "The Only" for the way in which they effortlessly paired difficult emotions with palatable, catchy pop melodies. And with her latest, Sloan continues this trend of defying typical pop conventions to create her own distinctive brand of emotionally-driven pop.

"Chasing Parties," which was written with Sloan's partner King Henry, who has produced for the likes of Beyoncé and The Weeknd, is a slow-burning pop song that hits all the right chords. The instrumentation and production are sparse yet adorned with moments of shimmering flourish that build alongside Sloan's realization of where she is currently is at life. Because that realization is what "Chasing Parties" is truly about, looking back and appreciating that you have taken a step forward in life. In this case, that step forward means not having to get wasted at an awful party until 2am and can stay in and eat pizza on a giant beanbag.

The hallmarks of a radio-ready pop song are present throughout "Chasing Parties," earworm chorus and all, but the finished creation is uniquely Sloan. It does not find itself worshipping the idea of a half-remembered party against moments of grandiose drops and builds but finds its power in the emotional and lulling nature of Sloan's voice. "Chasing Parties" also marks a noted differentiation from Sloan's past works. There is an overarching sense of joy imbued in every verse, as Sloan parallels her past to her present. While this may spark discussion as to whether "Chasing Parties" signals the end of sad girl Sloan, it certainly doesn't diminish her gift for crafting stunning emotionally-driven pop.

Listen to "Chasing Parties" below: