Saweetie Makes Quick Work of the Haters in the Anthemic “Pissed”


Since going viral with her breakout single "ICY GIRL," Bay Area rapper Saweetie has continued to surprise, amaze, and ultimately, demonstrate why she is poised to be the next female rap star. Coming fresh off a feature with Scandinavian pop artist Glowie, an unexpected yet very welcomed collaboration with UK indie pop artist Zak Abel, and the London On Da Track, G-Eazy, and Rich The Kid - assisted "Up Now," Saweetie shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon with the anthemic "Pissed."

Opening on a choral chant of the Bay Area rapper's name, Saweetie enters the realm of the legendary before quickly launching into a series of rapid-fire verses. In unapologetically opulent fashion, Saweetie takes aim at everyone who may have a bone to pick with the rising rapper - from mean-mugging Republicans to people throwing shade on Instagram. "Pissed" arrives as a different sort of diss track that is not directed towards any particular person or slight but exists for anyone who may try to bring Saweetie down on her inevitable rise to fame.

Backed by production flourishes of the Bay Area rapper laughing off the haters, courtesy of Cronkite, "Pissed" retains Saweetie's distinctive sense of lightheartedness in spite of delivering some of the most spirited bars of the year. Yet, more than any single to date, "Pissed" proves exactly why Saweetie is the "Ice Queen, bitch." We're still attempting to recover from the standout verse that is "Saweetie took my MCM just so he could put her on / Bitch, that n***a want this, took his shot, didn't miss / Tell me how could I resist?"

Listen to "Pissed" below:

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