Say My Name, Say My Name, Says Wet

Photo: Sydney Shen

Brooklyn Ones To Watch act Wet are coming right out and asking what Destiny’s Child and many before have famously demanded: just say her name. The indie pop trio, known for their ethereal vocals and glimmering electro-R&B backdrops, are collaborators on DJ Kitty Cash’s Love The Free II mixtape, which also featured Ones To Watch artist SZA. Their contribution, “Move Me,” is a nod to the same subtly emotional tendency that’s shown up on their past songs like “Dreams” and “You’re The Best,” but this time echoing the sentiment that Destiny’s Child so eloquently put it once. To us, it’s a sure sign of new music to come from Wet. Hear the song and also make sure to check out their recent video for their single, “You’re The Best.”