Seasoned Producer and Songwriter Mars Today Drops First Album as Lead Singer


Mars Today, artist and producer based in LA, dropped his soul/R&B-styled EP, Bits & Pieces, today. The artist is better known as the producer and co-writer on Jahkoy's debut album, Foreign Water, and this is his first release as the main vocalist.

Released by San Francisco based label, textmerecords, Bits & Pieces is an impeccable summer record. Sliding guitar lines, soft scatting, and Mars Today's soothing, soulful vocal lines make the album perfect for easy listening in the car or being outside in the sun.

The album's highlights are the opening track, "So Unusual," as well as the track "Time Out." The calming soul song, "So Unusual," sounds like a slightly more produced John Mayer. Chiming guitar lines compliment the lyrics about love at first sight. "Time Out," a hidden gem in the middle of the EP, slowly builds  until a full blown horn breakdown in the last minute of the song.

The EP is a solid listen–ease into your weekend with Bits & Pieces below.