Setlist.Fm Presents: Who is Oliver Tree? [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Photos: Chris Tuite

Setlist.Fm's weekly "Who Is" series is an immersive way to expose readers to up-and-coming indie acts that should be on your radar; written by music fans for music fans. Each week we feature an artist and/or band that's making waves in the music world. The "Who Is" pieces are a tell-all of the artist, showcasing everything from music and performance style, to influences and tour dates. This week, we’re spotlighting Boston indie-electronic artist Oliver Tree.

Yes, sure, any reputable (or disreputable!) music site makes an effort to elevate those artists bubbling just below the surface. Call them buzzing, rising, HOT or need to know - the point always being - this is an artist we like that you should absolutely take note of. But our very first "Who Is" editorial piece was born of a genuine question that no one (in our immediate vicinity at the time) could answer. We go through site analytics in our weekly meetings and on this fine day in August 2017, the name "Oliver Tree" was there.

Naturally, we Googled "Who is Oliver Tree?" and although tidbits of information were spread out across the vast swath of the Internet, no one was really attempting to holistically answer the question. So we stepped up. Look, it's not every day you get to ADD to the information superhighway in a meaningful way.


And it just so happened he was performing at an upcoming festival we were set to cover - San Francisco's Outside Lands! We got to witness his quirky set firsthand AND get up close with some personal portraits. What a gem.

Here's what we found out about Oliver Tree: The Santa Cruz native is known for his wide-ranging creativity. Even by looking at his social media pages, it’s apparent that Oliver Tree’s ‘brand’ is composed of equal elements art, humor, and originality. As as a vocalist, producer, and creative director of all of his audiovisual projects, Tree’s unique style also translates to his ensemble. photographer Chris Tuite caught up with Oliver Tree in the midst of all the music festival chaos for some quick portraits.


But what about 2018 Oliver Tree? Well.