SG Lewis and AlunaGeorge Deliver a Veritable Club Banger With “Hurting”


The first part of SG Lewis' phase 2, Dark, is here and it is something else. Following the UK producer and songwriter's much-acclaimed debut EP, Dusk, the first offering from Dark is a club-ready anthem in the making. Linking up with much sought after vocalist AlunaGeorge, "Hurting" has never sounded this good.

The track's lively, night-lit feel is perfectly fitting, given that it's the lead single off the second phase in a three-part narrative that chronicles a night out. Arriving at the first indication of Dark, we have entered the party and the master producer and narrator has ushered us into his realm in brilliant fashion. There is an alluring, unavoidable element lurking behind "Hurting." Against our will and much to our delight, we are whisked away to the parties and after-hours clubs that make up London's vibrant nightlife. Pressing play on "Hurting" is to give yourself over to SG Lewis' quickly building soundscape that never falters and only continues to grow with intensity.

Pulsing with energy from start to finish, "Hurting" is an enthralling first look into what SG Lewis has in store for us with Dark. More than just a veritable must-have-on at any party, it is a demonstration of what dance music can be. A part of a larger narrative and simultaneously its own engrossing club banger, "Hurting" is a song that excels on all accounts.

Listen to "Hurting" below: