SG Lewis & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Convince Us To Join The Dark Side On “Again”


SG Lewis' Dusk EP brought us closer to the softer side of electronic music. Now, the songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist has teamed up with one of his production heroes, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (aka TEED), to deliver enigmatic, deep-house track "Again."

Acting as a prelude to his upcoming EP Dark, "Again" emulates the synonymous feeling of darkness with heavier sounds. The bass line sits a little more forward in the mix and conveys a dense timbre. With the vocals acting as accompaniment like any other instrument, it's easier to feel drawn to the soft keyboard synths and spacious percussion instead, making for a flowing, ambient mix. Though the track has a heavier approach in instrumentation and sonic composition, it is still constructed with a driving arrangement that grows and grows to keep your ears engaged.

"Again" is a euphoric soundscape that adds to SG Lewis' evolution of electronic music. Moving on from the disco vibes of Dusk, SG Lewis is harnessing the darker sounds of electronic music. Expect the rest of Dark, the second-phase of his three part album, to drop this Friday, Nov. 9.