Shania Twain Opener Bastian Baker Shares His 9 Favorite Emerging Singer/Songwriters  [TABES TURNED]


Photo by Christoph Kaminski

Bastian Baker was singing for friends at a birthday party when he was first approached to record his songs. Before he knew it, Baker was in the studio and even had a massive hit in his native Switzerland. At the tender age of 18, Baker made his first appearance at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, soon after he began to sell out headlining shows, topping album charts, and racking up a slew of awards. Now 27, Bastian Baker is preparing to release his most ambitious album yet, one that pushes his unique blend of upbeat indie rock, infectious pop, and breezy folk into bold new territory.

Baker's debut album, Tomorrow May Not Be Better, peaked at #3 and certified platinum in Switzerland. He followed that up with a pair of albums that hit #1 and #2 on the charts and garnered millions of views on Youtube. Baker became such an international star that he even appeared as a coach on The Voice in Belgium. He has since relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to work on his new grand and anthemic sound all while still maintaining that singular Bastian Baker style. Baker has finally made his American debut with the release his fourth studio album titled Bastian Baker and is currently opening up for Shania Twain on her 2018 World Tour.  

We got the scoop from Bastian Baker on his favorite up and coming country singer/songwriters. Get ready to discover the next era of movers and shakers ready to rock the country music scene.

Devin Dawson - "Secondhand Hurt" 

Devin Dawson is a great example of how quickly country music is expanding. His edgy music and dark image are extremely unique and appealing. "Secondhand Hurt" is my favorite song off his latest album. He's the one ending the relationship and singing about the pain he's enduring while most songs are written about being broken up with.

Kelsey Waters -  "I Pour" 

Kelsey Waters is a lyrical genius. "I Pour" was the first song of hers I listened to, and I was immediately hooked. With her edgy vibe and vintage-like vocals, there's no way she's headed towards anything but success.

Robert Francis - "Junebug" 

I appreciate the stories Robert Francis tells in his music. I met him while I was working in Nashville. His voice is crystal clear, and he's an incredible songwriter.

Ingrid Andress - "The Stranger"

I recently discovered Ingrid Andress while I was in Nashville and attending CMT's "Next Women of Country" event. Ingrid was on stage with maybe four other girls, and my eyes immediately took to her. She performed a new song that's not yet released called "Ladylike," and I became an instant fan.

Ruston Kelly - "Just For The Record" 

Ruston Kelly is a bona fide badass. I think we are alike in the sense that our music doesn't necessarily belong under one specific genre. He has a very "take it or leave it" demeanor about him that I really admire.

Cole Swindell - "Middle of a Memory" 

A lot of folks in country are walking the line of releasing pop tracks. Cole Swindell is country. You can hear it in his voice and the lyrics of his songs. "Middle of a Memory" is one of my favorite songs of his. It's very relatable and you get a good grasp on what he's feeling in the song.

Lucie Silvas - "Everything Looks Beautiful" 

Lucie is from "the other side of the pond" like myself! I love the vast variety of instruments she's incorporated throughout her new album. Each track seems to fit in different places across the Americana, country, folk spectrum. "Everything Looks Beautiful" is a light and easy song that I really enjoy. Her voice is stunning.

Jason Isbell - "Cover Me Up" 

Isbell has been around for a while, but I feel like with each project he releases, he's reinvented himself, and it's cool to watch him grow as an artist and a songwriter. "Cover Me Up" is a beautiful song. I love how his voice is the main component in the song and his guitar just accompanies it perfectly.

Angus & Julia Stone - "Big Jet Plane"

Angus & Julia Stone are a sister/brother act from Australia that I've been listening to for a while. "Big Jet Plane" is one of my favorite songs to cover. I love the simplicity of their work.