Shannon Lay Defies Time and Space with “The Moon’s Detriment”


Photo: Abby Banks

Sometimes, the finest things are created under the simplest of conditions, without any flourish or overindulgence. Shannon Lay's "The Moon's Detriment" is very much one of those finer things. Emanating such obvious vocal talent and guitar skills to match, it is little to no surprise that the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter is not particularly new to the music scene - from dominating the Los Angeles underground scene in recent years, performing in the punk band Feels, to becoming the first release off Kevin Morby's new label, Mare Records. "The Moon's Detriment" makes all the more sense then. It is the well-refined creation of someone who has meticulously honed their craft over the years and spent time discovering who they are as an artist.

The melodic expressionism Shannon Lay's voice carries gives off the impression that it is free of any set place in space or time, allowing for Lay to flow seamlessly between reminiscent and newly fascinating. Sonically, there is a certain nostalgic and pure quality to all of it, similar to select The Velvet Underground B-sides where Lou Reed would opt for drummer Maureen Tucker to perform lead vocals when he deemed songs too innocent for the world. "The Moon's Detriment" contains this very sense of purity, evoking a wellspring of emotion with the way it wears its heart on its sleeve. Truly, "The Moon's Detriment" is a testament to the wealth of depth possible with the seemingly simple combination of an acoustic guitar and a profound sense of emotional sincerity.

Keep an eye out for Shannon Lay's Living Water due September 28 and listen to the first single "The Moon's Detriment" below: