Show Review: Alex Clare at HOB San Diego

Photos and words by Ones To Watch Ambassador Rachel Reyes. 


Ones To Watch singer-songwriter Alex Clare took to the stage on Tuesday evening to serenade the House of Blues in San Diego. Alex Clare proves his versatility through eclectic genres of music he is capable of showcasing in a single show. With his folk and bluesy ballads and his dub step-enthralled tracks it seems he is able to do it all. His sound is inventive and seamless in having the ability to merge both soulful vocals on top of electronic sounds.

Opening the night with his sophomore album, Three Hearts, an upbeat track called "Never Let You Go" quickly warmed up the crowd. His musical diversity makes for a unique show where he is able to produce both moments of silence and create a venue of ardent, jumping, and dancing individuals. The night continued with the bearded Brit delivering tracks from both his latest album and his well-acclaimed debut, The Lateness of the Hour, and even throwing in some reggae vibes in the mix. Closing the show out with his most popular signature song and what was perhaps the anthem of 2011, "Too Close," he requested the crowd put down their iPhones and enjoy the final tune of the night.  


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