Sinéad Harnett and JD. Reid’s “System” Is Pure Ecstasy


We're falling in love all over again with Sinéad Harnett and her newest single, "System." The distinctive R&B talent's latest sees her joining forces with noted UK producer JD. Reid for a love number as alluring as they come.

The infiltration of UK underground sounds into the mainstream informed both Sinead Harnett and JD. Reid's earliest forays in the music industry. It is a shared cultural touchpoint that emanates from within the subtlest elements of "System." A persistent crackle of fuzz lingers atop Harnett's emotive cooing, but in no ways does it attract from the beauty of the entire affair. Rather it is understated production detail that is at a perfect match for Harnett's emotive vocal stylings, which are evocative of the classic R&B records where an ever-present fuzz was merely a part of the soundscape.

More than just reminiscent of classic R&B, "System" is a brilliant demonstration of why R&B has been a long-standing tradition for those most heartbroken and infatuated. Reverberant guitars underscore a Harnett who, as she so eloquently puts it, "I'm not afraid to bear my soul." For that is exactly what Harnett does throughout "System," weaving together a smooth as velvet tapestry of the first and most passionate stages of love. This is a love song in the truest sense - one meant for candlelit evenings, drives home in the rain, and shared moments of delicate intimacy.          

Listen to "System" below:

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