Sinead Harnett’s Video for “Body” Is Impossible to Pull Yourself Away From


Sinead Harnett's latest is intimate, sensual, and simply captivating – much like the artist herself. The rising London R&B star has been making waves in the music scene long before venturing off into her solo career, having featured on and collaborated with artists such as Disclosure, Rudimental, Ryan Hemsworth, and Kaytranada. Her latest feast for the senses arrives in the form of her standout single, "Body."

Simply put, once you start watching "Body," it's hard to pull yourself away. Opening on an emotional close-up of Harnett against a pastel pink background, the video cycles through a range of color palettes and emotional highs and lows. Harnett performs breathtaking minimalistic choreography as she moves through this simple yet powerful series of backgrounds. It's a fitting visual complement to a song that strikes all the right chords - sensuous, commanding, and beautiful. Harnett spoke further on bringing "Body" to life,

"As soon as I finished the song I knew the video had to be shot on film. Something about film is so nostalgic, and when I wrote 'Body' I was looking back at all my memories within the relationship I was leaving. I wanted to use color to help paint the different layers of feelings and emotions I was going through at the time. Some conflicting, some bitter and some sweet."

Harnett achieves this vision impeccably. "Body" looks, sounds, and feels nostalgic both because of the intrinsic attractiveness of shooting on film and because in Harnett is an artist with a unique talent for crafting music that sounds timeless.

Watch the video for "Body" below:

And watch Harnett's live acoustic performance of "Body" here: