Sir, Please Captures the Feeling of Falling in Love with “Good Love” [PREMIERE]

If you’re looking for a song that automatically puts you in a good mood, “Good Love” by Sir, Please is the song for you. The indie-pop group started their musical journey with their first single “Dance With Me,” a soft and subtle love melody. This time, they pack a punch with “Good Love,” and you can feel the passion emanate from their lyrics. Sir, Please is here to stay, and they are surprisingly unapologetic. 

“Good Love” explores how you should feel when you’re in love; it must be magical and full of butterflies. The electricity could last a lifetime, or it could just be a one-night connection with a stranger. Either way, the emotion still lingers with you.

Michael Leese commented on “Good Love.” 

“‘Good Love’ is just about that feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you think you’ve met your soulmate on the dance floor. It’s the same feeling you get when you kiss your puppies goodnight. It’s an ode to the beauty and purity of those real moments." 

Starting with a Joy Division-like beginning, “Good Love” sucks us in immediately, with catchy, fast-paced melodies. Then, chorus hits and we are mesmerized, serenaded by the backup singers repeating, “Oooh,”  as we are taken to an ‘80s paradise. 

Based in Los Angeles, Sir, Please creates a vibe that resonates with any crowd, while still maintaining their lovely, unique qualities. The band members compliment each other perfectly with beautiful guitar solos by Marshall Via and Michael Leese, raspy, retro vocals by Shane Cronin, a groovy drum beat by David Kohn, and the cherry on top, the bass by Josh Cronin. Sir, Please says that their songs are akin to a “tasty bag of psychedelic pop rocks.” They definitely have the unpredictability of pop-rocks, and they definitely deliver delicious singles.

You first listen of “Good Love” is below: