Sister Trio Joseph Releases Uplifting “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” Album


Joseph released their new album I’m Alone, No You’re Not with ATO Records last week, and we’ve been obsessing over it ever since. 

The trio of sisters’ new album descends from the raw, acoustic feel of their first self-released album Native Dreamer Kin by adding new indie pop and rock elements that make us want to get up and dance. One aspect remains consistent though: the sisters’ sweet, folky vocals. The album conquers fearlessness and vulnerability over whimsical rhythms and harmonies. Highlights of the album include the popular “White Flag,” “Blood and Tears,” “SOS (Overboard),” “Whirlwind,” and “Canyon.” 

The girls head out on a headline tour Tuesday, September 6th, and will join James Bay for his US tour dates as well. Listen to the album below.