Skott Embodies Ones To Watch In Left-Field Pop Single, “Amelia”


With each new song, Scandinavian newcomer Skott has inched closer and closer into the blogosphere's limelight. She embodies the ideal subject of conversation because not only are her left-field pop songs particularly innovative and charming, but her personal background is quite unique and remains somewhat of a mystery.   

Her latest, "Amelia," opens with delicate string chords and crescendos into more aggressive bass-infused beats, all while juxtaposing her sweet voice with eerie lyrics about this so-called "Amelia." Skott shared with Noisey

“You’ve had to fight so hard for this love, but it’s not turning out the way you thought. Is it worth continuing or is this the end? The song’s about not giving up, fighting to keep that special someone next to you despite the hardest of times. I get a bit nostalgic. ‘Amelia' reminds me of my first love as a young teenager when I’d dream up crazy plans for the future. They weren’t always realistic, but they were honest and dramatic.”

Listen below and keep up with Skott here