Skott’s “Mermaid”Is Captivating in Both Sonic and Visual Elements


The Scandinavian siren Skott has followed up the release of her latest single "Mermaid," which was premiered on Annie Mac's iconic BBC Radio 1 show, with an absolutely breathtaking video accompaniment.  

"Mermaid" and its visual complement are sonically and aesthetically beautiful from the very beginning. Opening on a melodic piano crescendo before Skott's arresting vocals, "Mermaid" feels otherworldly, like some foreign fairytale. Considering Skott's musical background, spending her early years in a forest commune raised by a collective of outcast folk musicians, "Mermaid" feels like the perfect blend of Skott's enigmatic folk background with newfound stunning pop production.

The video perfectly ties in the ethereal atmosphere underlying Skott's vocals, as captivating underwater scenes and lush green forestry dominate, drawing in one's focus for a highly rewarding visual experience. Indeed, the visual composition behind "Mermaid" is so exquisite that taking a still from any moment of the video gives the impression that it would suffice as its own stand-alone work of art. Skott graces the screen in an immaculate, flowing red dress, moving about in ghostly nature. Visually, Skott in "Mermaid" is reminiscent of the visionary artist Björk, while emanating the entrancing sonic elements of modern pop giants like Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

Watch the masterful video for "Mermaid" below and stay up to date with Skott on Ones To Watch: