Soak In Some Dance Floor “Meditation” in GoldLink’s Collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan & KAYTRANADA


Washington D.C. rapper GoldLink just dropped "Mediation," a charming track that showcases Goldink's lyrical prowess, Jazmine Sullivan's effervescent vocals, KAYTRANADA's stuttering percussion and deep bassline.

While GoldLink and KAYTRANADA have joined forces quite a few times now, "Meditation" further solidifies their undeniable chemistry. Kaytra's signature shuffling drum beats steal the show while GoldLink showcases his incredibly dynamic flow. Meanwhile, Jazmine Sullivan lays down a catchy chorus to complete the record. Sullivan's vocals storm the track like a cold shower on a hot summer day, and yet they take nothing away from GoldLink's bars. The two-step ready jam is the perfect fusion of hip-hop and soul, with a touch of electronic flare.  

Sullivan sings about a fun night out, but the track closes unexpectedly when several gunshots precurse the words, "Oh shit" behind a series of muffled voices. What do you think?

Check out the trio's collaboration and the full animated audio visual below!