Social House Is Ready to Take Off and Go “Higher” Than Ever Before


Social House strikes gold again as they create a carefree anthem about following your dreams with good friends by your side. Only the second single to be released by the promising duo, "Higher" is a lively anthem aimed at "setting the world on fire."

Energetic drum beats guide the single through a story of friends who all want to blaze their own trails to success. Mirroring real life, Pittsburg natives Michael "Mikey" Foster and Charles "Scootie" Anderson moved to Los Angeles and took up residence in a house with other music producers. This is where the inspiration for the name Social House came from. The house's atmosphere was sociable and had a revolving door of collaborators and friends taking up residence making inspiration for future projects abundant. "Higher" captures a glimpse of where enthusiasm and a simple dream can take you.

"Higher" was made to be listened to with the volume all the way up, whereas Social House's last single is laid back and airy. The pair prides themselves as being a melting pot of all great musical influences. From Fleetwood Mac to DMX, no artist or genre is off limits when looking for some inspiration. The duo creates music that is vibrant and transparent. With that kind of formula in hand, it's no wonder Social House has already had a summer smash hit. 

Their sensational single "Magic In The Hamptons" featuring Lil Yachty is a lavish ode to true love that has garnered over 30-million streams on Spotify alone. Social House is poised and ready to use their own brand of creative magic to make a name for themselves in hip hop. This animated duo has created so much buzz already that "Higher" is guaranteed to take Social House to new heights.

Listen to "Higher" below: