Sofi Tukker: 2016 Breakout, 2017 Blow Up


Sofi Tukker is an easy pick for one of 2016's most popular breakout acts, but 2017 is set to be their biggest year yet. The New York-based duo released their debut EP, Soft Animals, in the summer of 2016 and took the dance community by storm after scoring a Grammy nomination for best dance recording for their debut single "Drinkee."

Sophie Hawley-Weld was performing at an intimate Brazilian jazz show while attending Brown University, when fellow classmate Halpern, approached her with the idea to incorporate an electronic element to her music. The duo hasn't stopped making music together ever since. After graduation, they moved to New York to further pursue their careers.

Sofi Tukker's music is a fusion of worldwide influences with elements of house and pop. Their blend of German tech house, Portuguese folk and West African guitar hooks create a carnival sound that works equally as well on home headphones as it does live. For instance, "Drinkee" takes inspiration from the poem "Relógio" by the Brazilian Portuguese poet Chacal, played over a blend of bongos, catchy guitar riffs and pulsing bass.

Recently completing a North American tour supporting M83, The Knocks and St. Lucia, the duo's music has also been featured in both an Apple Watch ad and in the new FIFA '17 video game.

Sofi Tukker will make you get on your feet and sweat it out in 2017. Starting March 11, the duo is going on the road and taking the dance party with them. From Toronto to New Orleans, fans are in for a treat. Get ready world.

Check out the duo's full North American tour itinerary below.