Song of the Day: 'Get Out While You Can' - Duologue

Duologue’s 2013 debut, Song & Dance, served up tantalizing electronic rock fit inside a sharply-produced album and was one of our favorite albums by a newcomer act last year. Songs like “Gift Horse,” “Talk Shop” and “Push It” were sighing throwbacks to 90s era Radiohead - the obvious comparison - but their bonus track “Get Out While You Can,” shows off the band’s harder rock-embracing side. It opens with 48 seconds of a rough-edged guitar riff before frontman Tim Digby Bell’s rueful voice cuts in. It’s as if they’d finished Song & Dance, sat around for a couple of days and forgot to shave, then threw caution to the wind and embraced their grungier side as an afterthought. Listen and watch the video, animated by Chris Bristow, below.