Soundcloud Dreams Do Come True: Listen To Reva Devito’s ‘The Move’ EP


Reva Devito and I have history. Not in real life but on Soundcloud (which is almost real life but I digress). As I first became privy to the platform a few years ago, I was obsessed with finding every new song possible. It was like a whole new world of music. My first favorite song from Soundcloud was Stwo's remix of Sango + SPZRKT's "Middle of Things." After that, I discovered the funk of Kaytranada that would change my musical ear in amazing ways. While my mind was moving faster than a Zach Galifinakis meme trying to process all this new music, I came across a cover of Sade's hit "Sweetest Taboo." The singer was none other than Reva Devito.

After the Sade cover, she put out "Kisses" and then the Com Truise-produced "babesquad." In the "babesquad" description, HW&W wrote "Reva DeVito’s debut EP coming soon on HW&W…." so I couldn't wait to hear some more fire coming out of Portland (that's where she's from. I wasn't making a Portlandia reference even though I wish I could squeeze one in). Then she dropped "Friday Night" produced by Kaytranada and I knew I found one of my new favorite singers. I went digging to find all of her jams and stumbled upon her collab EP with Roane Namuh on Bandcamp called Cloudshine Deluxe ("Should Have Known" is the jam btw). At this point I joined the Devito bandwagon like a Warriors fan in 2015 (you know who you are). But to my disappointment, (like the girls in one of my favorite scenes from the movie Euro Trip) the EP never came.


Fast forward two years and out of nowhere, boom. I'm on Twitter and I saw that The Fader just premiered Reva's debut EP, The Move. As I scan the track list and producer credits, I see some of HW&W's finest and some other super talented producers. It's like a Soundcloud all star game. Tek.lun, Kaytranada, Com Truise, Birthday Boy, and Roane Namuh handle all the production on the 6-track EP. It has five new songs and includes the aforementioned "babesquad." I hit play and was immediately slapped in the face with a Kaytranada drum.

As the sounds jump back and forth on the project, Reva manages to keep her naturally jazzy tone and style throughout the project. The Move EP is perfect to listen to when you're at work, uber aux-cording, or trying to impress your new Tinder date with your musical taste (this is actually a thing. Look. Spotify is out here winning bruh). I'm not sure what took the EP so long to come out but I'm happy it finally did! So if you're currently impatiently waiting for a drop, stick in there because Soundcloud dreams do come true eventually. Stream The Move EP below.