Spendtime Palace Revisits Childhood Woes in “Ms. Tenaja” Music Video


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being discouraged by an outside force, especially when you’re an adolescent trying to pave a way for yourself and find your voice. Whether you’re just a teen exploring freedoms that come with growing older, facing judgment from family or friends, or feeling pressures from society on how to conform, the concept of never feeling quite good enough is universal and often dissected in music.

This concept rings true in Spendtime Palace’s music video for their new single, “Ms. Tenaja.” The track is the first single off the California natives’ upcoming album, All Inclusive Romantic Getaway, set to release in early 2019. The 5-piece indie rock band are a self-proclaimed “ragtag bundle” who have “progressed from a high school party band into a downright fan favorite.”

Spendtime Palace’s 2017 single “Sonora” caught Billboard’s eye after Stranger Things and Calpurnia band member Finn Wolfhard directed the music video for the song. 

The video for “Ms. Tenaja” follows the band posing as their elementary school selves as they revisit the struggles they faced as kids growing up. The parents are painted as the anti-heroes, decked out in creepy masks similar to those worn by the ultimate bad guys in The Purge - as they continuously appear throughout the video to ruin any sort of fun the boys are trying to have.

Dan Fowlie of Spendtime Palace elaborates on the meaning of the video as well as the origin to those creepy masks,

 “‘Ms. Tenaja’ explores the freedoms of childhood, and the looming fear of growing up. We follow the band as elementary school students on a summer day as they go about doing what children do best. They are frowned down upon and ostracized by the grown-ups in the community who try to stand in their way of having a fun summer. Once the band sees one of their own being held captive from enjoying his summer they decide to retaliate in the best way they know, by tp-ing the parents house. The parents wear masks in the video to show that they’ve lost a level of humanity and innocence that the children still possess, making them monsters in the eyes of the children. We decided to use politician masks because those are the biggest monsters we could think of.”

Check out Spendtime Palace’s upcoming West Coast tour dates below featuring support from The Brazen Youth.

11/30: Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater
12/01: San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of The Hill
12/02: Sacramento, CA @ Momo Lounge
12/03: Reno, Nevada @ Holland Project
12/06: Seattle, Washington @ Vera Project
12/07: Portland, Oregon @ The Watershed
12/09: Salt Lake City, Utah @ Kilby Court
12/11: Denver, Colorado @ Lost Lake
12/12: Albequerque, New Mexico @ Sister Bar
12/14: Denton, Texas @ TBA
12/15: Austin, Texas @ Spider House Ballroom
12/16: Houston, Texas @ Ones To Watch
12/17: San Antonio, Texas @ Paper Tiger
12/18: El Paso, Texas @ Lowbrow Palace
12/19: Phoenix, Arizona @ Valley Bar
12/21: San Diego, California @ SOMA
12/23: Santa Ana, California @ The Observatory