Spotlight on: BROODS


According to siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott, New Zealand doesn’t have too many notable people or musical exports, save for their fellow Aucklander, Lorde. But they’re just being unpretentious: the brother-sister duo have been racking up an impressionable Western fanbase from their island on the other side of the Pacific, and they’re just a baby hugging an EP. With the self-titled Broods released earlier this year, they slung the monumental single “Bridges” at the internet’s receptive ears and have been soaking up the impact as fuel for their proper debut, out later this year. Their trick? R&B and pop lovers alike dig their sound, a volcanic meld of Caleb’s smashing bass and synths and Georgia’s sparkling vocal range. EDM fans love the effect when bands like ASTR remix their stuff. Frequenters of buzzy discovery sites like Hype Machine and SoundCloud are all chiming in their agreement. We took some time to sit down with the songwriting team and find out the secret behind their sound and how “Bridges” came to be. Suffice it to say, the band’s caught our attention and this is just the beginning. Watch our interview below, and also see their hauntingly beautiful new music video for “Bridges,” which debuted today on Vevo.