Spotlight On Cathedrals

Photos by Russ Ramos

It’s officially March, meaning that there’s a 97% chance any artist we cover will be in attendance at this year’s SXSW. San Francisco chillpop duo Cathedrals, who we caught last week at their sold-out Popshop West 028 show, certainly fall in this category. 

Their darkly passionate, overcast synthpop draws comparisons to early Florence and the Machine, and falls under our personal “to-see” list of artists for the year’s designated week of music discovery. Hear their debut EP below, and see more photos from their Popshop West, show taken by Ones To Watch photo ambassador Russ Ramos. 

Russ was born and raised in Los Angeles. He likes his coffee black and his whiskey straight. Follow his work at and on Instagram + Twitter @russmclovin