Step Into the Surreal and Wonderful World of Still Woozy With the Video for “Goodie Bag”


Still Woozy just dropped an equally funky and delightfully visual complement to his breakout single, "Goodie Bag." Sven Gamsky is the Oakland-based artist behind Still Woozy, who originally gained recognition for crafting irresistible dreamy, lo-fi music that defies simple categorization. Recording everything for the Still Woozy project in his garage/studio, its music that is best described by the vibe it brings - groovy, intimate, and simply enchanting.

The video for "Goodie Bag" follows in line with its sonic partner, painting an undeniably odd yet endearing portrait that never fails to bring a smile to your face. Opening on a conversation between Gamsky and a friend discussing if the music video is doomed from the outset, it takes no time before dropping us into the surreal and pleasing world of Still Woozy. Beyond learning of Gamsky's hang-ups on his own appearance, we also learn that he's a surprisingly great dancer. The majority of the video sees Still Woozy shifting between scenes of him busting a move, getting a shave, and coasting alongside his impeccably-dressed friends. 

The entire experience is a charming deep dive into the mind of Still Woozy. Does it make sense? Not really, no. Is it one of the most enjoyable viewing experiences of the year? Yes. In the same vein as Still Woozy's music itself, there's just something fascinating and implacable about it all that urges you to hit repeat time and time again.

Watch the video for "Goodie Bag" below: