Still Woozy Is Becoming a “Habit” That We Don’t Want to Kick


In the realm of genre-bending, dream-inducing music, there has been no shortage in the influx of truly remarkable acts, yet Still Woozy exists in a realm far beyond his nearest peers and companions. The solo project of Oakland, California - native Sven Gamsky, Still Woozy broke into the scene with 2017's "Goodie Bag," a near-perfect amalgamation of acoustic and electronic influences. Today, the Oakland-native homes in on that early promise to round out the year with a sway-inducing trance.

"Habit," the latest impeccable outing from Still Woozy, is a vibe quite like no other. While only Gamsky's sixth single, it shows a noteworthy amount of polish. Opening on a lovely showcasing of the Oakland artist's more acoustic inclinations, it wastes no time before jumping straight into what makes his work quite like no other. Fluidly flowing between sounds - some synthetic, some natural, some otherworldly - Still Worthy infuses "Habit" with a magical, infectious quality.

The spell Still Woozy casts in "Habit" is of the same unmistakable variety that makes dance and funk music so powerful and R&B so alluring. It compels you to groove to the beat Still Woozy conjures into existence in such a smooth manner that it at times becomes difficult to pull yourself fully away from so as to appreciate its underlying quality. But when you do, you will find yourself admiring an astounding work of genre-meshing influence by an artist who stands at the forefront of his craft. In spite of this, "Habit" and the works of Still Woozy, are the sort of creations best admired from within, not from afar with an overly-analytic approach. It is music made simply to be nothing short of a resoundingly enjoyable time.        

Listen to "Habit" below: