Stormzy Announces Album And Drops New Video For “Scary”

Grime music is continuing to make waves over here in the US and Stormzy is one of the guys at the forefront of the movement. Recently fellow Grime artist Skepta announced that his album Konnichiwa is dropping on May 6th and now Stormzy drops off a new song and visual called "Scary" that teases an upcoming album. 

We don't have any details on the album yet but we hope its very soon. In the meantime, this new video channels the fear of being alone in a dark alley at night or texting your ex by accident. Producer Sir Spyro is responsible for the ominous production and co-directors Kaylum Dennis and Cordell Johnson are responsible for the ominous visuals. Grab your night light and watch the video for "Scary" below. #MERKY2016