STREAM: Jono Ma's Mixtapes of Last Year

Recently, Jono Ma - of Aussie psych-rock trio Jagwar Ma - posted an assortment of mixes he’s made over the last year. Highlights include his “Livin in the Past” mix for Fader, which starts out with a clip from Groundhog Day, dips into some Jagwar Ma, Velvet Underground, and Primal Scream, then evolves into a really fun mambo; “Jono’s Hospital Bed Mix,” perfect for just chilling in space while doing time at a hospital or office; a best of 2013 “MMXIII Mix,” including the inimitable Louis C.K.; and a cheeky quickmix for BBC Radio 1. If your ears are hurtin’ in this pre-Coachella hour, we highly recommend giving these a try.