Stream Porter Robinson's New Album

Photo: Rachel Epstein

You can now stream Porter Robinson's new album, Worlds, on NPR First Listen here before it comes out on August 12th. The American producer and DJ has dropped the house/dancefloor essence in his forthcoming work, stepping up with a refreshing foot. The compilation of 12 ballads is the fruit of his video-gaming sabbatical period in his parents' basement in Chapel Hill. Robinson waltzed into the electronic arena with his EP, Spirfire, that has skyrocketed his in-demand status among major music festivals during 2011 and 2012. Often labeled as a "human iPod," he has written and composed other tracks including Zedd's "Clarity."

Surprisingly, Worlds lacks the fist-pumping monotonic tune of his past beats. Instead, he reprograms EDM with a 90s video game theme, engineering a more patient indietronica trance that suspends listeners into a digital mis en scène. The gaming influence is ostensible everywhere, especially in the broken Japanese lyrics in "Flickr."

His first music video, "Lionhearted" was released on June 17 and features Swedish electropop group Urban Cone. Watch it below.

Robinson will be launching his North American tour for Worlds on August 28 that will continue until late October. Get tickets here.