Sunflower Bean Announce New EP & Support Tour With Interpol


Photo by Andy DeLuca

The alternative rock-edged Sunflower Bean released their latest single “Come For Me” as well as announce their new EP, King Of The Dudes, due out Jan. 25. To top all that good news off, Sunflower Bean also announced they are opening up for Interpol in early 2019. The rock trio out of the New York City has clearly made a name for themselves in the indie rock world. Their dreamy guitar tunes with a flare of alternative rock have captivated fans and acclaim from Billboard, Rolling Stone, NYLON, just to name a few.

“Come For Me” serves as the optimal agent for the upcoming EP. Sunflower Bean dives deeper into what the single is inspired by.

“This song was inspired by inner strength, power, and sexual freedom. In 2018, there is no time to waste and no time for shame. This song is a declaration of that. ‘Do you really want to come for me? Do you really want to waste my time?’ The song is a dare, a threat, and a beckoning.”

The band has been hard at work this past summer in Los Angeles recording their new EP. King Of The Dudes is set to follow the band’s sophomore album Twentytwo In Blue from earlier this year. The band explains more about what to expect from King Of The Dudes.

“This EP does not give a f*ck. It’s reactionary, and a sharpened response to our times. Death, birth, aggression, addiction, and power. ‘Twentytwo In Blue’ allowed us to find our strength and on ‘King Of The Dudes,’ we use it, no holds barred.”

You can listen to “Come For Me” on repeat until the new EP drops in January and be sure to catch Sunflower Bean on tour in early 2019.