Swing in the Breeze with Amber Mark’s New EP, ‘Conexão’


Amber Mark's new EP Conexão has arrived, and it's everything fans have been hoping for since the lead single "Love Me Right" hinted at what the project would entail. Amber keeps it concise with only four songs, each one swaying like palm trees in the summer breeze to gently lift the listener from start to finish. Wasting none of the EP's 17 minutes, she takes another step forward after last year's 3:33am project, keeping the momentum rolling along as she embarks on her promising career.

Right off the bat, the title and intro track "Conexão" sets a hazy, lounging ambiance with it's bossanova rhythms, settling into an effortless groove that holds the relaxing melodies in place. Amber's delivery doesn't miss a beat, allowing space for the instrumentation to breathe between each stanza. Once she takes off the restraints and allows her vocals to soar to new heights, the song ascends to another level, keeping the soundscape fresh.

Covering Sade's classic hit "Love is Stronger than Pride" was certainly a bold decision, but one that paid off as Amber manages to create a modernized retelling of the song. Booming trap drums revitalize what was originally a stripped down sound with new energy, and give it a cleaner texture without losing the passionate essence that initially made Sade's version such a success.

"All the Work" rounds off the album in rousing fashion, truly. The best moments come on the chorus, as Amber's vocals are echoed into the mix to create a distorted cascade of melodies. The lively percussion allows for an exciting anchor point, for a fully danceable groove that adds dimension to the overall EP.

Stream the full project below: