SXSW Spotlight: From A Festival Run To Their First Studio Album, Fickle Friends Is Re-Inventing The Wheel

There's a certain sound that seems to encapsulate the feeling of summer. You know, the kind that plays through car stereos with the windows down, typically featuring addictive choruses, a variety of instrumentation, and an overall "feel-good" vibe. Meet Fickle Friends: the British retro indie-pop sensation that is rising to the top of that category. The group written together since 2013, and in the two years after their formation, they performed at an astounding 53 festivals while there was no record contract in sight.

While that is a success within itself, Fickle Friends recently signed to Polydor Records and are currently in the midst of recording their first full studio album in Los Angeles. There's no slated date for the album yet, but with the success of their singles and extended plays, there's no doubt that it's going to be a smash hit the minute it releases.

Something about Fickle Friends catches seems to catch you by surprise–their 80s-esque beats, the range of vocal melodies lead singer Natassja Shiner produces, and the eclectic instrumentation in every track. Their intoxicating sound is similar to that of a cross between Misterwives and San Cisco, while still maintaining their own unique characteristics and differences. According to NME, the band was born "out of a love of Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix" while the group was studying at Brighton University in England. 

Although Fickle Friends seems to be under the radar in the US, all of that will change once their studio album drops. They're currently on another European tour, and they've also picked up a spot on the SXSW lineup on March 17 in Austin, Texas. 

Until then, take a listen to their their latest single, "Hello Hello" released on March 9.