TABLES TURNED: Banfi Shares Emotional “Caroline” Video & 5 Favorite Rising Alt-Indie Bands


Each hailing from different cities across Britain, the three-piece pop rock band Banfi is composed of members Joe Banfi, Aaron Graham, and Chris McCuaig, who bring together a refreshing blend of musical styles and influences. Back with a new, poignant music video for their latest single "Caroline," Banfi have crafted a soft, entrancing tune that captures the deep emotions of Christmas-time grief over the loss of a loved one.

Songwriter and frontman Joe Banfi describes "Caroline" as an expression of the pain of a heavy heart after a parent has passed away. Yet he writes from the perspective of a man who has lost his wife, perhaps stepping into his own father's shoes, and this raw, human vulnerability makes the song even more touching. Joe explained:

“The demo of the song only started to make sense and come together when I realised I was writing the lyrics for my parents and their loss, and other people out there who lose their parents at such a crucial age."

The "Caroline" visuals layer in an additional, unique dimension of wistful nostalgia, featuring old, stored-away film of lovers and young families enjoying time together at Blackpool, a seaside resort on the coast of England. Shots from an entire day's worth of train station arrivals, lounging at the beach, pool-diving shenanigans, roller-coaster fun, and a beautifully lit-up amusement park work together to create a tender, heartfelt visual accompaniment.

Director Jake Dypka shared the motivations behind this vintage-film approach:

"We wanted to do something different for 'Caroline' - I had the idea of finding old forgotten footage from a library and reviving it, bringing it back to life. After four days of searching libraries for usable footage I stumbled across this old documentary footage of a single, hot summer's day down at Blackpool. It seemed to fit perfectly. The edit is both made from a musical, rhythmic approach, but I also wanted to pick out underlying themes, of family, love, and time. 'Caroline' is such a beautiful, powerful song; it's nice to try to reflect those emotions in the images. I like to think that no one was ever going to see this footage again until now."

Brace yourself for the tide of emotions evoked in Banfi's nostalgic new video for "Caroline" below:

Banfi was generous enough to also shine a light on a few other rising acts to keep an eye on. Dive into the band's hand-selected playlist of 5 Ones To Watch in the indie-alternative scene:

Spring Queen

These guys have been around for a couple years now, but this year we feel like they're really starting to break through. We've played a few festivals with them and hung out for a little bit. They were super cool guys and their live performances are intense.

This Is The Kit

The sound these guys get is so organic and satisfying to listen to. It kind of reminds us of a mixture between Bill Withers and Joni Mitchell. The wondering vocal is so cool and the production on the record is really honest. They've been on Radio 6 Music a bunch and have also just done a huge tour with The National, so I guess people are already watching.

Richard Spaven

Richard Spaven is making music with his trio/quintet that hasn't been done before. His album 'The Self' is full of jazz, drum and bass, electronica, soul, big band (hard to believe!), and hip hop references but manages to merge everything into one seamless package. We've seen him live twice now and have been utterly gobsmacked both times by the quality and level of musicianship. If you get a chance…scrap that - Make time to listen to this.


We saw Francobollo supporting Misty Miller a couple of years back. They reminded us of when Biffy Clyro used to be quite a bit weirder, but with the grunginess of Weezer. We haven't had a chance to catch them live since then but they are certainly working hard, having put out a record this year and they seem to be touring pretty extensively off the back of it. They also toured with Marika Hackman this year so again, guess some people are already watching.


These Australian beauties are our friends residing in East London. We've played a few shows together and it's always just so exhilarating to watch these guys play. They put everything into their live performances. They've just released a new EP full of psych-pop gems and we can't wait to do more stuff with them in the future. They are certainly ones to watch!