TABLES TURNED: Cobi on 5 Songs That Inspired the Emotional Powerhouse, ‘Songs From The Ashes PT. 2′


Cobi first made a name for himself after stroking emotional heartstrings on his debut single "Don't You Cry For Me." Since then, the Los Angeles-based powerhouse has made a career out of crafting emotionally-driven bouts of rock-fueled greatness. Following the acclaimed Songs From The Ashes PT. 1, which is the first in a three-part ongoing series, Cobi has returned with the second installment. As he so eloquently puts it, Songs From The Ashes PT. 2 is a three-song collection that "touches on my feelings of loneliness in America, violence, and everlasting love. It’s also an homage to the music I love from the 70s - Rock, Reggae, and Soul.“

It is a range of influence that can be felt the second one presses play on the striking collection. Yet, it is not an EP that feels weighted down or hindered by its classic influences, rather it gives shapes them into a new form–one that Cobi commands brilliantly. In honor of the Songs From The Ashes PT. 2, which already has us impatiently awaiting the release of part three, we spoke to Cobi about five songs influences both him and the EP.

Toulouse - "So I Know You Care"

Had to put this here cause it's so good. The melodies are stimulating and the use of space is interesting. It's a beautifully written emotive song.

Nai Palm - "Atari"

The guitar on this song is such a buzz. Feels like it's tickling my brain. Love the dense harmonies.

Mike Rebel - "Magnum Cum Laude"  

This track is so hard. I've collaborated with Mike many times and I think he's a brilliant artist.

Labrinth - "Misbehaving"

This song is a jam! Love the blend of retro vocal with the modern production. The scratchy guitar solo is sick.

K. Flay - "Blood In The Cut"

I like the lyrics on this track. Mixed with the rock production it makes a fiery vibe.