TABLES TURNED: Drax Project Breaks Down Every Track on Summery Debut EP, ‘NOON’

Drax Project has had a transformative few years, to say the least. From busking on the streets to opening stadium shows for the likes of Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran, and Lorde, the New Zealand quartet has exploded into the limelight. The band’s seamless blend of R&B aesthetics, inventive production, and sun-soaked brand of indie pop is quite literally and figuratively music to our ears and their ever-growing fanbase. 

Drax Project’s debut EP, NOON, is the perfect embodiment of this effortlessly sunny vibe, encapsulating five tracks that seem made for the summer. Having been on repeat since its release in June, it has served as the soundtrack for countless sunset-lit nights. So, as we continue to make our way through the long summer days, we thought it only fitting to have Drax Project break down every track on their radiant debut EP. 

“Woke Up Late”

The lyrics are about waking up with someone for the first time, and you’re a little bit unsure about it. As the day goes on you start to realize that even though it was a little awkward at first, you know that it’s probably alright. Writing the song came really naturally and we actually forgot about it for like six months before we listened to it again and thought this is actually pretty good.


The song is just about going with the flow and being cool with whatever. Hanging out with someone maybe at a party, and you’re happy to do anything they want to do. The song was originally called “maybe cool guitar.” Ben started writing it but didn’t like it and we had to convince him that it was good!

“Only Us”

The lyrics are a little selfish but the good kind. When you’re really into someone and don’t want to share them with anyone else. We wrote “Only Us” in about 2 or 3 days. We finished it just in time before the EP came out.


The song is about taking a risk and backing yourself. Not caring about what someone else might think or say about it. The first line of the song, “Just quit my job now I’m waiting in the rain for the bus,” was an actual sentence that Shaan said to his friend on the street the day he quit his job.


The song is about not being sure where you stand with someone. Not knowing whether someone’s being genuine or messing you around. We’re not sure if “Sidebit” is an actual word. Maybe we made it up? We felt like it conveyed what we were trying to get across.

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