TABLES TURNED: Fabich Sets The Mood With a Lovemaking Playlist


Fabich is an artist who has been enmeshed in the world of music for as long as he can remember, playing music at the tender age of five and achieving his first US chart success at the age of 19. Following that first taste of success, Fabich quickly became a much sought out after producer for some of the biggest names in pop and R&B. Not content to sit behind the recording booth forever, the last couple of years have seen him take his wealth of experience and step into the spotlight with own infectious tracks.

Expertly blending elements of nu disco, modern production, and R&B into one impeccable project, Fabich explores universal themes in the most enticing manner. His latest single, "Talk to Me" is a veritable earworm that delves into the idea of sexual freedom. So, we found it only fitting to have Fabich craft us a playlist filled with 20 songs that are sure to get you in the mood.  

Fabich, Jafunk, Liska - "Talk To Me"

This is my new single together with Jafunk and Liska, I hope you enjoy it!

Hablot Brown - "She Said"

Hablot Brown is so awesome. Had the pleasure to do two songs with these guys and they are incredible. Really fun and super talented.

Amber Mark - "Love me Right"

This song has such a classic feel to it.

James Vickery, Mikill Pane - "Got To Be You"

New track off James Vickery's latest EP - I had the pleasure of working on a track with him, too. This guy is so awesome!

Maths Time Joy, Toulouse, Zaia - "Count On Me"

In my opinion, Math Times Joy is one of the best R&B producers in the world right now. I’m loving everything he releases. I had the chance to work with him a couple of times and he's super humble and talented.

Masego, FKJ - "Tadow"

The guitar in this one is so good!

Mac Ayres - "Easy"

This song puts a smile on my face.

Tom Misch - "Movie"

Tom Misch is such a unique and incredible artist. 'Geography' is one of my favorite albums this year.

H.E.R., Daniel Caesar - "Best Part"

The chorus is so amazing on this one, big fan of H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar.

FKJ - "Vibin' Out with (((O)))"

Big fan of FKJ, I still need to see him live!

Fabich, James Vickery -  "Overtime"

This is my song "Overtime" together with James Vickery. The stuff I normally produce is a bit more uptempo, but since I started out as an R&B producer, it was awesome to switch it up a bit and be able to release this one on my debut EP.

SG Lewis - "Sunsets - Pt. 2"

So much vibes on this one!

Sinead Harnett - "Body"

Sinead is so dope, she's also based in London and I'd love to work on a record with her.

Sango, Xavier Omar -  "Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife"

Love this one and also the STWO remix.

Sabrina Claudio - "Confidently Lost"

Sabrina Claudio is one of my favorite R&B singers right now and I'm super happy that I've had the opportunity to remix one of her latest tracks. It's still unreleased but I hope I can show it to you guys soon.

Monte Booker - "Mona Lisa"

Loving all of Monte Booker's stuff… so smooth.

D'Angelo - "Lady"

When you guys asked me to put together a chill out playlist I had to include some D'Angelo.

dvsn - "Morning After"

I really like this record, it's almost like a mix of deep house and urban.

Play-N-Skillz - "Freaks (Remix)"

This record is quite old but a classic for me, loving the song and also the video as a kid.

Roy Woods - "Snow White"

Roy Woods is one of my favorite new artists.