TABLES TURNED: Gemaine on 7 Inspirations Behind His Emotionally-Driven ‘Shift’


A departure is not always a cause for concern. For R&B and soul singer Gemaine, his most recent departure birthed the 5-track atmospheric project, Shift. Narrating his exodus from Compton, Gemaine discovered not only new parts of the world but of himself. The result would be an impressive showcasing of a young artist's growth on a musical and personal level. 

Gemaine shared the following on the underlying meaning and form of Shift:

"This project shows a shift in my whole world and approach. My innocence is now gone. I'm no longer curious about what love is. I no longer care. My journey on wanting to have cake and eat it too. Enjoying single life but still wanting to have substance. This dilemma is what brings a colorful yet emotional roller coaster EP."

Gemaine's recent bout of growth is not only a gift to himself, but to us, the listener, as we observe a new rising voice in the world of R&B. His distinctive falsetto and soulful melodies carry with it the weight of an artist who is painting a unique picture of his lived experiences and journey as a songwriter. We had the pleasure of speaking with Gemaine to discover a number of the influences that led him to the creation of Shift.

Bronx, NY 

Where I started to really grow and hone in on my writing. Most of the songs were created there. Changed my life.

Urban Flora 

One of my favorite projects ever. Their sonics influenced me.


I really loved the visuals to Belly and I wanted to do something similar to that with my cover art. Make my skin pop.

Taylor Port wine

This corner store in the Bronx had Taylor Port wine. All me and my producer was drinking. "Lil Miss" was inspired from a hangover I had off of this drink the next morning.


Where I first started to sing. I fell in love with background and supporting vocals in church songs and use that same approach in my music.

Temecula, CA

Where my project first started to develop. We got an Airbnb to close out a project I thought I was about to release but once we made "Wait On Me" out there. It changed everything.

Michael Jackson

He Inspires me most. Being a perfectionist and humble is just a few of the characteristics that rubbed off of on me from him.