TABLES TURNED: HAERTS Dishes 5 Songs That Inspired Their Upcoming Album


Indie-pop power group HAERTS' collection of powerfully intimate harmonies are capturing the hearts of listeners everywhere. Originally formed by Nini Fabi and Benny Gebert in Munich, Germany, the pair moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2010 to pursue their dreams and explore their sound. 

Now a full-blown, critically-acclaimed band with a distinct, euphorically rustic sound, HAERTS expands to up to six people for their heavily textured live performance. After a successful first couple of albums and a recent feature on 13 Reasons Why with their heart-rending hit "Your Love," HAERTS has returned with an equally as moving, reflective track entitled "The Way."

Fabi's silvery voice tells a story of introspection, of examination of yourself and your surroundings. The song begins with a slew of piano, percussion, and soft vocals, and builds into an explosion of layered instruments and consuming vocals as Fabi belts out the resounding chorus. It's sung with an honest sincerity that places meaning behind each lyric, each note reaching inside of you to prompt your own reflection. Fabi weighed in on the meaning behind the song:

"'The Way' is about this powerful and mystical intangible. Some deep ancient knowledge in us - impossible to explain, but that which takes away fear, gives strength, and transforms us, even though nothing is permanent."

HAERTS is currently gearing up for the release of their upcoming album to be released this fall and since we've been loving "The Way," we decided to catch up with HAERTS to see what they've been listening to. 

Here are five songs that helped to inspire the band's upcoming album:

George Harrison - "My Sweet Lord" 

George Harrison is one of our all time favorite musicians, and we had All Things Must Pass, especially this song, on repeat while making "New Compassion." It inspired a lot of the guitar sounds.

Leonard Cohen - "Suzanne" 

We were in middle of recording the album when Leonard Cohen passed away. We had just started listening to his amazing and dark final album, and it inspired us to revisit his older music. His songs are spiritual, and they have taught me so much about poetry and melody.

My Morning Jacket - "In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)" 

Our midnight dancing song.

Björk - "Black Lake" 

This song has the most beautiful string arrangement and it was so inspiring to hear her vocals being so vulnerable yet powerful.

Maria Callas - "La Mamma Morta" 

I listened to this song while making the album. Like our album, it's about love and it's about sorrow. Of course it's musically very different, and Maria Callas is such an icon, but I think she is the greatest teacher in regards to vocally connecting to the emotions of a song.