TABLES TURNED: Katelyn Tarver Shares 5 Wisdom-Filled Podcasts That Belong in Your Library


Photo Credit: Luca Venter

Katelyn Tarver has done anything but move backwards since we last caught up with her after her Tired Eyes EP, keeping her career trending upward with two new releases thus far in 2018. On "Never Fade," she took on the role of a therapist to a close friend struggling through times of turmoil, accenting her message with purposeful chords to truly get to the heart of the listener. She then followed it up in April with the release of "LY4L," a much more upbeat song that builds to a joyous, electrifying chorus.

Tarver has already made her mark outside of music, first getting her start on television shows such as Big Time Rush and No Ordinary Family. This sumner, she'll be returning to the big screen, appearing on the upcoming season of HBO's popular series Ballers. Truly a versatile talent, there's a good chance you'll be seeing her one way or another in the near future, and it's unlikely that you'll come away unimpressed.

Now, we linked up with Katelyn Tarver to talk about another of her favorite mediums of expressions: podcasts. Keep reading to learn about 5 podcasts that are in her library, and why each one is so special to her!

From Katelyn Tarver:

"I'm a big fan of podcasts. I love putting one on while I'm driving, doing the dishes or hanging up my clothes that I've let pile up on the floor of my bedroom all week –  they're a big source of inspiration for me as an artist and just as a human being, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites!"

And the Writer Is…with Ross Golan:


As a songwriter and someone in the music industry, this podcast is so good and so informative. The host, Ross Golan, was one of the first people I worked with when I was new to LA, and I love that he created this. It's so fascinating to get an inside look on how artists, songwriters, and producers got their start and how they stay inspired.

Death, Sex and Money:


I love the way the host, Anna Sale, interviews her guests. Whether she's taking to Alec Baldwin or a a regular woman who's addicted to shoplifting, she speaks to everyone in the same way and makes me remember that no matter how much success, money or fame you have, we're all dealing with the same things at the end of the day. The big questions are big for all of us.

The Moth:


Storytelling is so powerful and important. I love "The Moth" because I get to hear people share their stories and experiences and perspectives that I otherwise would never have gotten to hear.



The premise of this podcast is so good. Jonathan Goldstein helps people revisit moments in their past that have plagued them their whole lives and have gone unresolved for one reason or another. I love it because you see that even the little things we try to brush off and move on from tend to have a bigger emotional impact on us than we want to admit. It's cool to get to hear people explore those moments and face them head on.

Dirty John:


This is a just a good, old fashioned, spooky, true crime podcast.  It's one of my favorites since the first season of 'SERIAL' (which i'm just gonna assume you've listened to). If you like that sort of thing, I think you'll be into it. It'll make you second guess everyone in your life that you think you trust for a good two weeks.