TABLES TURNED: Oliver Nelson Names 5 Producers Who Influence His Nu-Disco Sound


Swedish producers Oliver Nelson and Tobtok recently teamed up for a groundbreaking 3-D performance on the largest audio spatialisation system in the world. Staged in London, the spectacle showcased a unique experience of their "99 Red Balloons" compilation for fans. Immediately mystical, "99 Red Balloons" is a track that will wisp you off your feet and onto the dance floor. It's reminiscent lyrics have been blasted with new energy that lead listeners down a lighthearted musical escape into the nighttime. 

Since 2007, Oliver Nelson has experimented with various beats after he discovered his true passion: music – the very groovy kind. Growing up in an area with a plethora of amazing producers, Nelson made friends with the best. Today, he shares his top five producers who offer up the most inspiration to his own art form. Check them out below: 


When I met Lenno, I was blown away by what a genuinely lovely person he was. Musically, we have a super similar vibe and I love the way he crafts his sounds, especially his brass sounds - in fact I’m very jealous of them, ha ha!  What I like about the track below is that it has a pumping sound, but it’s still very easy-listening.


My best pal and partner in crime, what can I say?!  We lived in the same city, but it was music that led to us meeting, which shows the true power of it. Tobias is very varied in his way of working and a super fast learner. I always learn something new from him that he’s picked up recently when I’m not with him. I love his originals especially 'Aber' - it was so fresh sounding, but I have to pick his remix of 'Come And Get It' by John Newman. The crowd reaction when I played it out was phenomenal and I love it in every sense. One of the best remixes of all time in my eyes.


Another very down to earth, genuine young man from Gothenberg. He’s a master in his genre and I think he has his own sound which is very rare these days. He’s someone that I take a huge amount of inspiration from even though we aren’t quite in the same soundscape. I love the way he manipulates ambient sounds and gets mesmerizing results. I love his remix of Temper Trap, it’s stunning.


The most beautiful thing I can say about Kygo (and there’s a plethora of things) is that despite his global success he hasn’t changed. He treats me exactly the same way now as when we first spoke in 2013. I love all his work, from his early remix of 'Younger' by Seinabo Sey, to his original new productions, 'Stargazing,' 'Stole The Show' and 'Raging' to name a few. But I have to pick the track that I was so lucky to be invited to work with the master himself on, 'Riding Shotgun.'


I have had the chance to work with Neiked in the studio and we have a very similar style and way of working. We just get each other and click both personally and professionally. I respect him as he really thinks outside the box and he deserves all the success he has had and that is forthcoming. I was so privileged to be able to work with him on his worldwide smash 'Sexual,' so I have chosen that as the track. It's one of my favorite remixes I have done. I had a blast doing it.