TABLES TURNED: Spanish Up & Comer Alvaro Soler Shares 6 Latin Artists Who Should Be On Your Radar


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler has showed no signs of slowing down ever since he first skyrocketed to fame with his infectious, evocative hit "El Mismo Sol" featuring Jennifer Lopez, which reached number one on Billboard's Latin Airplay chart. Born into a multilingual family and skilled in six languages, the multi-talented Soler spent a decade in Tokyo before returning to Barcelona to pursue industrial design and finally to Berlin for his solo debut. His diversity and versatility has amassed fans of all backgrounds and given him a unique edge over other artists.  

Despite being dubbed "Newcomer of the Year" by Spanish radio Los 40 Principales, racking up over 800 million views on Youtube, and receiving 27 gold, platinum, and diamond awards across the globe, there is one skill that Soler hasn't yet mastered: dancing. Using this as inspiration for his latest single, "La Cintura," the tall, lanky Soler has turned his insecurity in the dancing department into a freeing, upbeat summer anthem that invites everyone to dance and celebrate with him. It's about shedding insecurities, embracing our quirks, and getting lost in the moment.

We've been loving his latest release, so we decided to get the scoop on some of the artists that he's been digging lately. Read on to find out which new Latin artists Alvaro Soler can't stop listening to.


B-Case is an up-and-coming producer that has been everywhere with his collabs with Juan Magan. His own first single is coming out in June called "One Puff." He is actually from Southern Germany, near Munich and that was so crazy to me because I had no idea when I first heard his productions.

Sofia Reyes

Sofia and I met for the first time at the Latin AMA's 3 years ago and I'm so happy for her that "1,2,3" is really kicking off now. I can't wait to hear more music from her in the near future!

Mau y Ricky

I first went crazy about them when "Voy Que Quemo" came out and I'm now a super big fan of "Mi Mala." I hope these guys will continue their success and have some more great records in the near future!


I love my Colombian brothers and we've actually known each other for quite a bit. Our collaboration for Despicable Me 3 was so much fun and I can't wait to hear their upcoming record.

Nico Santos

Nico and I met in Berlin pretty much right after I moved here. His solo project is actually English language but he is one of the most versatile songwriters, also writing in German, English, and Spanish - go check out "Rooftop."


These guys have been around for a bit so I don't think they count as up-and-coming but I have re-discovered their music lately and simply love it.