TABLES TURNED: Vancouver Sleep Clinic Names 5 of His Favorite Cities & Artists To Match


Tim Bettinson, more popularly known as Vancouver Sleep Clinic, released his major label debut back in 2015 – but it was not a story of celebration and triumph. The previous two years following signing to the label were fraught with creative differences that would inevitably result in Bettinson walking away from the label to focus on his unique genre-meshing approach to music. It may have been the best decision he ever made, as, with each new release, the excited fervor surrounding Vancouver Sleep Clinic grows exponentially. A clear savant for crafting an unmatched vibe, the 21-year-old Australian blends together elements of Trap, R&B, downtempo, and electronic music, to bring to life a sonic experience quite like no other.

 The artist's influences are as varied as his collaborators, having worked alongside the likes of THEY., Raury, IDK, and Al Shux. Currently in the midst of a prolific 2018, with the release of two standout EPs, Therapy Phase 01 and Therapy Phase 02, we caught up with the worldwide star in the making to discuss some of his favorite places and music to match. 

So, before Vancouver Sleep Clinic, ventures off on an even more massive 2019, we are delighted to share with you five of his favorite cities and their corresponding artists. 


London - Daughter

One of the first alternative bands I fell completely in love with. They helped me to understand the emotional connection that could be established through music, and I've had the joy to tour with them on a couple of occasions. Beautiful people & beautiful music!

Vancouver - Peach Pit

Would be wrong not to include the city I named the project after! Played a Sofar Sounds show with these guys on my first trip there and got super into them from that point onwards. The music is super fun, the songwriting and storytelling is great, and for whatever weird reason listening to Peach Pit makes me feel like I miss high school.

Portland - Unkown Mortal Orchestra 

These guys are from New Zealand, which is another beautiful country, but now live in Portland which I'd have to say is my favorite American city. I always throw U.M.O on for the beach trips and party vibes. An incredible live band & the ultimate soundtrack to an Australian summer!


To be honest I'm not completely confident Babymetal is even from here but Tokyo is favorite city in the world so I had to throw them in. They are so absurd, intriguing and kinda amazing. What is there not to love about three Japanese girls singing over heavy metal?

Brisbane - MTNS

Had to put my hometown in! There's always been a really great and supportive scene here for upcoming musicians, and I'm lucky to have so many friends that make such amazing music, including these guys. I saw them play a house show on the night that I graduated from high school, and I remember it being just a blend of all of the best feelings ever. The ultimate late night driving music.