Tables Turned: Wildling Picks 5 Songs For An Impromptu Dance Party


After the release of their stunning debut album, here, we had to get Wildling to perform at our Saja Sessions showcase. Then, after hearing them live, we wanted more. Now, we're excited for Wildling to perform this Thursday, Nov. 30, presented by us here at Ones to Watch. The Los Angeles-based indie rock band is set to play at the Resident DTLA, and doors open at 8:00pm with a 9:00pm stage time. Grab your tickets here.


Wildling's debut EP, here, is the perfect soundtrack for a sunset drive along PCH. The record has a light, nostalgic feel while still remaining true to an alternative-rock sound. With the body-swaying vibes that Wildling explored on the EP, we were curious as to which songs they just can't help but dance to. While we're typically the ones to suggest artists and songs to check out, the tables have turned - Wildling have become the experts in our department with five songs that will light up your next dance party:

“D.I.S.C.O. (English Version)” by Ottawan

There’s a bit of a Daft Punk and French thread running through this playlist. This jam was written and produced by Daniel Vangarde, the father of one of Daft Punk’s members. If you’ve just had a few glasses of wine and you’re with a good group of people throw this on and see what happens.

“Deadly Valentine” by Charlotte Gainsbourgh

This is a sexy French dance song in only the way that French artists and producers seem to conjure. An undeniable festivus for the senses that will make you move. Dust off your strobe light.

“Transberos” by Sam Mangwana

Could you ever imagine not having fun while this song is on? We can’t, so we wanted to share it with anyone who’ll listen.

“Makeba” by Jain

We don’t know much about this artist, but when we first heard this song we instantly fell in love. A ridiculously sticky bass line, world rhythms, hypnotic chants and something good awaits when this is playing.

“Yama Yama” by Yamasuki Singers

We only recently realized that this is another Daniel Vangarde production. It makes us wonder, has there ever been a cooler song and has anyone ever been to a 'Pulp Fiction' meets 'Kill Bill' dance off? Let’s make it happen.

Come dance with Wildling and the OTW team on Nov. 30 at the band's live show–tickets available here