TABLES TURNED: Yoke Lore Shares 10 Unexpected Songs That Inspired ‘Absolutes’ EP


Photos: Wes & Max

Yoke Lore may have found his start as a member of both Walk the Moon and Yllerkin, but it is in his solo endeavor that he is making strides. The brainchild of Adrian Galvin, Yoke Lore creates indie-pop music that defies typical conventions. Combining unconventional instrumentation, such as echoing waves of banjo, with modern pop sensibility, he has delivered a sonic experience over two standout EPs that is brimming with a profound sincerity. His third soaring EP, Absolutes, brings all of Yoke Lore's unconventional songwriting charm to even greater heights.

So, in celebration of another chapter in the story of Yoke Lore, we spoke with the artist himself to glean some insight on what inspiration lied behind the making of this next step forward. These are 10 songs that made their mark both on Yoke Lore and Absolutes.


The Roches - "Hammond Song"

My mom used to listen to The Roches when I was little. The way they interweave their voices is spooky and ingenious and I strive to handle my voice(s) with as much deft care as they do with theirs.

King Krule - "Biscuit Town"  

King Krule tells these really normal and tragic stories that are so easy to identify with. A couple times on the Absolutes EP I venture into more narrative territory and part of that venture is because of King Krule.

The Bad Plus - "Pound for Pound"

This song and this band in general makes music that doesn’t need voices or words. Usually those things offer us the human quality of music, but this music is so alive you don’t need a voice at all. Although I obviously have words in my music, I want the words to be an aspect of the music itself.

Here we Go Magic - "Over The Ocean"

Listen to this song at night as you drive down the 101 in LA, you’ll know…

Lost Under Heaven - "I&I"

This song has a structure like a growing body, it just goes and morphs in ways and remains in others. I want to make songs that can grow like something natural.

Animal Collective - "Cuckoo Cuckoo"

I have listened to "Strawberry Jam" a lot but I went through a little affair with this song around the time I was writing the songs that became the Absolutes EP. It's such a soft song that still has moments of such rage, it is so wide and so encompassing.

Department of Eagles - "Too Little Too Late"

This is one of my favorite covers and songs of all time. So it's a doubleheader. It’s a brilliant pop song. And THEN Daniel Rossen plays it bare bones and makes something new and beautiful out of it and does it more than justice. With every cover, I strive for this combination of outcomes.

Patrick Watson - "Love Songs for Robots"

This is a feat of production. I’ve never heard such heavy drums seem like feathers, its like weird alchemy. How did you do that Patrick?

Kenny Loggins  - "Danny’s Song"

My dad is a huge Loggins and Messina fan. The music is pure and real and the melodies in this song are just perfect.

Kim Petras - "Heart To Break"

I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of like real radio pop music but this song is like a grand slam. It's super impressive that this girl can actually sing like this. I get addicted to things and people and songs and this is a song I went through quite an addiction to while making Absolutes. Thanks Kim!