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  • We're giving away a chance to see Action Item on ...

    July 17, 2014   We’re giving away a chance to see Action Item on the Ones To Watch with Skype tour! For a chance to see the band rock out in your city with MKTO, all you need to do is have a Facebook. Yep, it’s really that simple. Enter here. 

  • 9 Ways To Go To Concerts Without Breaking The Bank

    July 16, 2014   Now that it's midsummer and the semi-annual sales are flooding the retail stores, you may want to enjoy the remainder of July before fall hits.

  • Why It's Not The End Of The World to Catch a Concert By Yourself

    July 9, 2014   It's natural to take pity on the lone stranger who dines out or goes to the movies alone, but why? A solo outing isn't a proclamation to the world that you don't have anyone to accompany you. The thought of attending an event in public, by yourself might make you feel like an outcast on social display, but it's not the case. When it comes to concerts, I, for one, know I'd rather endure the imagined scrutiny of my fellow concert-goers than miss a great show or an artist I'd been dying to see. In fact, I've been to several shows by myself because, as a journalist, sometimes that's just the nature of the job. And guess what? The world kept spinning. Here are some reasons to consider catching a concert without a plus-one. The devil is always in the details, which suggests there is a correlation between positive experience and proximity to the stage: the closer you are, the more you see (if you're willing to be jostled a bit by your neighbors). It's much easier to finagle your way to the front when you're only maneuvering one body, and people seem to notice less, too. The chain-gang, let's-all-hold-hands-and-snake-through strategy never works out well, and you can do a lot better by yourself You're not bogged down by social obligations, like taking the perfect Instagram photograph with all your friends that prove you all went and saw that awesome band. Unless you're the confident type, you probably won't draw attention to yourself by taking a selfie at the event to prove you went solo. You also don't have to sacrifice the real estate you claimed in the front row to accompany your friend to the bathroom, the bar, etc. People watching. As though those two words aren't self-explanatory enough, there is an eerie joy in being the unseen observer. It can be pretty fascinating to note the age and gender demographic the musician draws, and whether they pull from strictly the hipster crowd or if they have fans that also listen to One Direction. Or, if you're weird like me, you can gawk at the hip piercings, tattoos and hairstyles or count the number of obscure, thrift-shop printed button-ups you see. None of it is ever quite noticeable until you're killing time before a show Airplane-syndrome. Just like when you're hurtling at approximately 500 mph at 35,000 feet above sea level, at a concert, you're trapped in a room for a finite amount of time with people you're in all likelihood never going to see ever again. It's the perfect time to bust out that embarrassing dance move or sport that outfit you aren't sure you can pull off. Being by yourself can be therapeutic. We all listen to music and go to shows to unwind, so why not use a concert as your personal form of meditation? The show is more personal. When you see a performer with a friend, the experience is split between your connection with the musician and with your companion. You exchange glances when the artist plays their mega-hit or whisper criticisms about the performance and nod along when your friend qualifies. Alone, you only rely on your own influence. You don't need to be a writer to jot down your opinion later. You might be surprised at your discovery. Don't sweat it if you get to the venue and you feel a burning need for social interaction. You already have one thing in common with every single person in the room: you're all there for the same reason. By: Alexa Girkout

  • On sale now: Ones To Watch with Skype Presents Moon ...

    June 27, 2014   On sale now: Ones To Watch with Skype Presents Moon Taxi - The Animal Style tour.

  • Don't let Thursday get away from you: today's your last ...

    June 26, 2014   Don’t let Thursday get away from you: today’s your last chance to join the pre-sale to see New Politics, Bad Suns, and Somekindawonderful on their Ones To Watch with Skype fall tour! Both Ticketmaster and Live Nation pre-sales will end at 10PM local time.  Ticketmaster password: BOYDING. Get tickets here.  Live Nation password: LOYALFAN. Get tickets here. 

  • Jump on the pre-sale to the Ones To Watch with ...

    June 25, 2014   Jump on the pre-sale to the Ones To Watch with Skype Presents: Moon Taxi Animal Style tour, starting now! Live Nation password: LOYALFAN. Get tickets here. Ticketmaster password: HYPNUS. Get tickets here.  If you haven't yet, check out our Moon Taxi artist page here! 

  • Ones To Watch With Skype Presents Moon Taxi the Animal Style tour

    June 23, 2014   Some exciting news to get you through Monday - the Ones To Watch with Skype Presents: Moon Taxi Animal Style tour is on sale this Friday!

  • Pre-sale for the Ones To Watch with Skype Presents: New ...

    June 23, 2014   Pre-sale for the Ones To Watch with Skype Presents: New Politics tour are on-sale in just a few hours at 10AM. Pre-sale password: BOYDING Get tickets here. 

  • Lorde Hits North America On Another Tour

    June 2, 2014   Register here to enter to receive a unique code to purchase tickets to Lorde's North American tour, beginning at 12p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 4. 

  • Lightning in a Bottle: the Old, Wild Hippie West

    May 28, 2014   At Lightning in a Bottle, you're required to relinquish a part of your normal - however much or little of it you had to begin with.